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library baskets

Our Gift Baskets donated to   Northfield Library’s  Summer Reading Program,

are bigger & better than ever thanks to Karen and our generous manufacturers!

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Why is play important?

What makes a toy affordable?

Look at the toys you own and are considering. What is the real cost?
Look at the play value. The $45 Elmo doll that talks vs the $119 100pc Magnatiles set? If a child plays with talking Elmo once or twice, the doll is still $22.50 to 45.00. It doesn’t do much, doesn’t teach anything. (Exception is if the child can’t go to sleep without it.  Value?  Priceless!)

The $119 Magnatiles set? It is open ended play, meaning it is for ages 3+++++. and there is no limit to the variety of play possibilities. It is construction for simple play and for the budding architect, engineer, land developer, (you just never know), Calculate the times it will be used, and the number of years and its quite the value!
Just pennies in fact…

Why play is important??

See what the experts say:







What’s Hot!

Whether voting for a classroom pet (or the leader of the free world!), this is an ideal choice for reading and talking about elections.

Whether voting for a classroom pet (or the leader of the free world),
this is an ideal choice for reading and talking about elections.


Autumn 2016 catalog

Fall Catalog 2016

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Pretend Play! 2016

Take a Peek Inside!



On TODAY show and all 3 items are in our store!

Ninjaline 9 obstacles, Swurfer Swing, Dreamcatcher swing!


 MAXI deluxe:The Maxi Kickboard is the highest rated scooter for ages 5 to 12. Kids love the ride, and you will love the years of fun and exercise it gives, making it one of the best value presents you can buy your child. $139.99

SEE DEMO: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=MAXI+ORIGINAL+SCOOTER&iax=




Foxtail Softie has a large, extra-soft, mesh-covered spongey ball on its end, and a flowing tail for true flight. Soft enough to play catch for ages 3 and over, yet challenging enough for older kids, too!-$10.99



This technique permits the creation of very subtle paintings : the brush does not run over the edges of the design,subjects appear as if by magic when in contact with the paints and the colors appear surprisingly vibrant. $9.99-29.99

ezy roller


This is the machine that started a movement: the original authentic EzyRoller.

It’s the genuine article, extendable to allow kids from 4 to 14 to curve their way. $99.00


SLIME BALL DODGE TAG A slime-themed twist on the classic game of dodge ball • Players throw the soft, squishy balls at their opponent’s sticky target vests • Fun, active and safe • Easy to take anywhere • Slimeballs stick to our gear but won’t stick to anything else • Helps kids learn hand-eye coordination, timing and encourages active play.$24.99

maek up eraser 2

A Top Seller  this year!  Make-Up-Eraser, a  first for us, is Great for Moms, College Girls,Teens, and Children too! This SO soft cloth wipes off all make-up more easily than any remover or wipes we have ever found. No more ruined towels and all residue disappears when washed by hand or machine.  GREAT  for kids to remove face painting, stage make-up (recitals,plays, ice shows etc…), or Halloween! It is NOT chemically treated, just a unique wonderful fabric.

 $19.99 (in Pink, Red, Light Blue)



                                                                                               The SOFTEST Fleece shorts & long              pants. Sizes 6x-14-16  $22.99-27.99

                                                                                                 FUZZEEZ BEAR        IMG_0763 (2)

FUZZEEZ: A simple kid friendly way to create  adorable felt critters without needles. $17.99  See  demo:            http://www.orbfactory.com/brands/fuzzeez/          


                          SPIKE BALL- A combo of Foursquare and Volleyball $59.99

How to play: http://spikeball.com/pages/official-rules


paper bowl kit

          Paper Bowls Kit –Create and display 3 pretty, decorative bowls  crafted with only paper and glue-17.99

air power soccer

Ultra Glow Air Power Soccer!-19.99

How to play:  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ultra++glow+air+power+soccer&iax=1&ia=videos&iai=eVR-PuGxGcM






If you are lucky enough to have kids in your life!




This Book and Turkey Set encourages Giving Thanks & Giving Back!

In partnership with Feeding America,

10 meals are given for every set sold.





The ROTARY CLUB of Winnetka-Northfield IL is raising $$$

to provide HUNDREDS  of Chicago area kids living in need with


You can help with a small donation. ONLY $20 PROVIDES A WARM COAT TO A CHILD.



                                                              “The times, they are a changin’…”    

We have lots of new STEM products (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)







strong willed


playRest easyThe Many Benefits of Coloring!

Groovy_Abstract_Coloring_Book_2 Peace_Love_Coloring_Book_1GO GIRLColor_Love_Coloring_Book_6

These are just a few of our many coloring books$4.99-$7.99

markers watercolor pencils

We carry a wide range of colored pencils and markers from $2.99-$14.99

Psychologists have long recognized the mental health benefits of coloring. True story: Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, even prescribed coloring to his patients to calm them and relieve their anxiety.Beyond the benefits for mental health and stress reduction, COLORING IS FUN!
We have coloring books for all skill levels and the markers and pencils too!


Holiday Gifts

How to choose a gift !

As your favorite neighborhood toy store, we offer skilled assistance in making careful selections that match a child’s age, abilities and interests. Read our blog for gift guidance Read here.