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If you are lucky enough to have kids in your life!

    We believe in LEARNING THROUGH PLAY! When a child plays, his mind opens in new and exciting ways…

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In the world of Zipes, there’s no such thing as gravity…Build the wildest, ziggiest, loopiest courses ever-up,down,around, and even straight up!  The little remote controlled speed demon even lights up in the dark!

This indoor gym is for children and adults too!   


OZOBOT BIT STARTER PACK is easy to program, with all the tools to entice kids to learn the basics of coding! 



The Yuck Factor!

The It’s Alive! Slime Lab makes learning science disgustingly gooey fun.


Gold Rainbow Glitter Glow Lava Lamp is a new spin on a classic!

This Tabeoke Singing Machine is a party with a carry handle!  Every bell and whistle from echo control to auto voice control is included.  

Unicorns and Rainbows Dress-Up Playset- A Fluffy Trio with everything for Pretend Play!

We carry a beautiful array of personalized gifts, all custom made to order. Our catalog is extensive! (Monogrammed blankets, etc. also available)


My First Number Train!


Roxie is the Poster Pup for our fundraiser for at risk dogs rescued into forever homes!