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I have the best time watching my 18 mos old grandson at play. On Monday we opened a kit from Alex(Paper Tube Ocean) that was really for a 3 yr old. For what it was intended for, he would need a lot of help but would still be fun. But what he did first was purely 18 mos learning. With great focus and concentration he carefully took the multi-colored tubes out of the cellophane and put them back in . He would stack them on the table, then put them back in again. Then I would tell him to get the red one, or the green one and he would get it and put it in the cellophane bag (hit or miss on the colors…he is smart but we are just starting). We did that a few times and when he was done he started putting the tubes over his arms, peeking thru them talking into them. All really good play. This was a good 1/2+ hour of fun learning and you could see the wheels turn in his little brain. Don’t move your kids too fast thru an activity. If they get absorbed in something just give them time to play it all out before you move on.

Mr Rogers was a wise man:

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