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 While you’re dusting off those helmets, now would be a good time to review bike  safety for kids!

Bike riding is a great way to get the kids outside and moving. But it’s important to teach kids that bikes are more than just toys — they are also vehicles. Whether your child is just learning to ride or is a pint-sized pro, these tips will help keep your child moving safely.bike

10 Bike Safety Tips for Kids:

There should always be parental supervision

Make sure the bike is the right fit and rider is within and age and weight range. When your child is on their bicycle, they should stand straddling the top bar of the bike so that both feet are flat on the ground. There should be 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.6 centimeters) of space between them and the top bar.

Wear Protective Gear. Wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads are important gear for kids to wear when learning how to ride a bike. But the most important gear? A helmet. Check out the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration’s guide to proper bike helmet fitting.

Ride on a clean, dry, flat surface. Children less than 10 years old are better off riding on the sidewalk (but be sure to check your local state or jurisdiction laws to make sure sidewalk riding is allowed

Avoid areas indoors and out with right angles & sharp edges.

Maintain, maintain, maintain. Inspect bike weekly to ensure all parts and bolts are secure and tight. Don’t forget tire pressure and brakes, too. Here’s a great bike maintenance checklist 

Wear bright or white colors so you are easily seen. Bike lights and reflective stickers are also great.
Always ride with 2 hands on the handle bars and ride in control.
Ride in un-crowded, low traffic areas. Keep a good distance from all hazardous objects. A bike path free of cars is a great choice if there’s one in your area.

Wear sneakers when riding (not flip flops!).